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A Lot of our models choose to work as expensive escorts in London to pay for their way in life. For example, many of our escorts are still studying and this is a way to pay for their education. Therefore, maybe it won’t surprise you that many women do end up taking this path. Escorts pay their way to a brighter future. The money is good and the working hours don’t interfere with lecture times – usually.

So many students these days leave university with huge debts. Our smart escorts do not want to be one of them. It’s hard enough making a start in life. Getting on a career path, earning enough money to survive in London etc. All this without being saddled with huge debts is not easy. This id why escorts pay their way and chose escorting as the way to ensure that they learn and earn at the same time.

The money comes in very handy and it means that they don’t have to live like a student. We all know that it is really difficult in London when you’re not earning a high salary. It is so expensive just to pay rent, let alone all of the other things that come with a comfortable lifestyle Some young ladies decide this is not for them. Shared halls, charity shop clothing and only being able to go to places that offer student discounts. Instead, escorts pay their way and they can afford to live nicely.

A Students Lifestyle

Some of our ladies are studying modern languages at UCL. They fluent in many languages so it’s a handy degree to do for an international escort. In addition to this, when they are qualified it can also open up many opportunities for them. For example, they get to meet all sorts of interesting business clients. It’s a great way to mix with some executive businessmen and some even find themselves with job offers from their much admiring clients. And while escorts pay their way through collage, the contacts they gain throughout their time in the industry can set them up for life.

Students being students are kind of un-shockable too. Therefore, some escorts choose to tell one or two of their closest friends what they do. After all, many will ask how they are managing not to get into debt and will have been intrigued. It can be rather ironical really. Traditionally students are thought of as having fun at university, sleeping around, drinking too much and having wild parties. Compared to some of their non escort friends, these escorts are practically angelic.

The Business Of Escorting 

What will be interesting is if they choose to stay in the escort industry. Obviously, escorts pay their way in London but they do have a shelf life. However, they could have another ten or even 15 years ahead of them. Therefore, the option of adding some money to their income is definitely tempting. Top escorts in London have a lot of fun with their work. Escort travel bookings, glamorous parties and a free pass to some of the finest establishments in the capital, to name a few. It’s not easy to give all of that up, especially when it earns a good income too. And they’ve gotten a real taste for the high life after all.


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