Our escorts are paramount to a successful evening

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Our escorts are paramount to a successful evening

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James has just started a new job where he had to travel to different cities. London is one of them and his company has booked him into the expensive Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair. Anyone that knows this hotel will know that it is very luxurious. You see, James has just been promoted and, although he works hard, perks like staying in hotels like these makes it worth it. James likes to play and knows that our escorts are paramount to a successful evening. However, it’s his first time doing so in London and he found himself wondered what it would be like booking an elite London companion for the evening.

Booking top hotel escorts for your evening

Firstly, he wanted to see what the hotel casino was like downstairs. He wandered down and bought a few chips and placed some on the roulette. Looking around he could see lots of other gentlemen accompanied by beautiful women. Therefore, he felt a little lonely without somebody on his arm. As our escorts are paramount to a successful evening, James knew exactly what to do.

He went back upstairs and looked on the internet to search for an exclusive escort agencies. As a result, he soon came across our London Valentines elite escort agency. He nervously called, but was pleasantly surprised at the friendly welcome he got from one of our receptionists. He asked if there was anybody that could come to his hotel and accompany him to the casino, which was located in his hotel. We discussed prices and James was very happy with the options suggested for a few hours. He wanted an elite lady so we booked Ally a gorgeous model escort. One who wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk or vogue magazine. Well, James wanted ‘top end’ so we knew exactly what he was after. We assured him that understand that our escorts are paramount to a successful evening and we have just the right ladies for the job.

An evening with an elite London lady

Ally arrived at the hotel where James was waiting, all be it a little anxiously. For example, he was wondering if the lady he booked on the website was actually her. He was even thinking of ways to get out of the situation if the lady in question was not to his liking. However, James needn’t have worried. When he opened his hotel door. There stood his beautiful date for the evening in a sexy little cocktail dress. In fact, Ally was looking even better in the flesh then she did on the website. She was absolutely stunning and he could not wait to take her down to the casino to show her off. Our escorts are paramount to a successful evening, that’s for sure. And as James had a grin from ear to ear, things were clearly already going well.

You see, time spent with elite model escort Ally is always a memorable experience. Furthermore, this high class companion certainly knows exactly how to fulfil her clients every need. As you can see from her escort photos, she has a gorgeous little figure and is pleasing to the eye in every way imaginable. With her beautiful features and that naughty nature she doesn’t disappoint. In other words, Ally is guaranteed to leave you with a smile from ear to ear. And in designer lingerie and a tight fitted cocktail dresses she’s simply irresistible.

Getting it right is paramount to success 

London Valentines certainly know how to get it right and wow, what a choice. James was one lucky man. During his time with Ally he had such a fantastic evening. In addition to this, he even won a few hundred pounds on black jack. He enjoyed a lovely supper with the most amazing company as his date. They both got on so well that James even kept her at the hotel a little later than he originally planned. It was worth it though as the next evening he called our London Valentines agency and told us he was giving her an excellent review. It was great to hear how satisfied he was and he insists that he will definitely book her again when he was next in town.

Well, we did tell you that our escorts are paramount to a successful evening. Experience the best in London with our girls and make a night of it. Oh, and he did get up in time in the morning. Bright and early with a very big ‘spring’ in his step thanks to our London Valentines girl of the evening!


Top escorts are paramount to a successful evening

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